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Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) is the greenest institution of higher education in Latvia. In accordance with the Constitution of the LLU one of the Universities objectives is to work to preserve, reinforce, study and pass to future generations all valuable given by nature and made in Latvia.

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On daily basis environmentally friendly ideas and green lifestyle is promoted by Universities community to ensure sustainable development of natural values and countryside of Latvia. A lot of processes and events happening in the University are related to care for environment and green thinking.

The obstacle that study courses about green lifestyle are included in a lot of study programmes encourages students to do researches about ecological and environmental issues.

To implement and promote green lifestyle LLU follow The Green Policy signed by LLU, Student's Self-Government and "Latvijas Zaļais punkts" (member of the global Green Dot association) and have partnership with several organizations in order to use environmentally friendly technologies and practices.

It is not difficult and not complicated to live your green lifestyle - you just have to know and comply with few important conditions:

  • waste management,
  • recycling,
  • biological food,
  • walking or biking instead of car use,
  • etc.

Supporting natural resource conservation and green lifestyle many of LLU souvenir series and promotion materials are made of environmentally friendly and natural materials such as wood, linen and eco-plastic.


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