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Research priorities at the Latvia University of Agriculture:
  • Multifunctional agriculture;
  • Agrobiotechnology - innovative, functional and green technologies for food product manufacturing and processing. The biotechnology of biomasses.
  • Veterinary medicine - the science of animal healthcare.
  • Energetics - environment-friendly types of renewable energy, energy supply safety and the effective use of energy.
  • IT - safe software, integrated information, communication systems and networks, electronic technologies in agriculture and forestry.
  • Materials Engineering - development of functional materials, new generation composite materials.
  • Forestry - sustainability, new products and technologies.
  • Environment sciences - preserving natural resources, sustainable management and protection; the impact of climate changes on water ecosystems and adaptation, environment of the Baltic Sea and inland waters.
  • The sustainable development of the countryside.

The scientists of the Latvia University of Agriculture participate in international scientific projects - the EU 6th and 7th framework programmes, scientific cooperation projects with the Scandinavian countries, INTERREG, bilateral cooperation and other projects. From 2005 till 2007, 12 patents of the Republic of Latvia have been received as a result of the research work. The cooperation with business grows year by year. In order to promote this cooperation, the Centre of Technologies Transfer and Business Hub has been established.  Two to three volumes of scientific articles are published annually. Scientists of the Latvia University of Agriculture publish more than 250 internationally reviewed scientific articles and more than 200 articles in Latvian scholarly and scientific journals every year. International scientific conferences are held at the faculties every year. Science Night has become very popular. Scientists participate in the conferences held abroad. Approximately 200 scientists present their research findings internationally every year. In addition, scientists from the Scientific Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine "Sigra", the Scientific Institute of Agricultural Machinery, the Scientific Institute of Water and Land Management and the Scientific Institute of Agriculture actively participate in the research. Several new scientific laboratories (the Scientific Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at the Agriculture Faculty, the Laboratory of Microbiology at the Food Technology Faculty and the Laboratory of Biogas at the Technical Faculty) have been established and carry out active research. In many laboratories research equipment has been updated, - in total equipment worth 460000 Lats has been purchased. New equipment has been obtained also by the accredited scientific Laboratory of Agronomic Analysis. Also scientists disseminate their research findings through mass media, Career days and Science Night, which last year took place in Jelgava and was widely attended.

Jānis Šleija
Published: 15.06.2010 15:58
Eddited: 20.07.2010 10:33