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Doctoral Studies

Scientific research and excellence in scholarship is the essential life-blood of a university. The aim of the doctoral programmes is to prepare a new generation of scientists, who will meet international requirements for scientific research and academic work, as well as for scientific and organizational work in governmental and private institutions. Doctoral studies are the priority of the University, a renewable teaching staff resource and essential to the general health and development of the university. Eight faculties of the University offer doctoral programmes, amounting to 13 accredited doctoral programmes.

The doctoral programmes organize seminars for the scientific supervisors of doctoral students, where the results of the doctoral students' surveys, the success stories of doctoral programme directors and the suggestions of lecturers to scientific supervisors for doctoral programme courses are presented. An international conference for doctoral students "Research for Rural Development" is held annually. The University gives the Young Scientist's Award to those young researchers who have defended dissertations and received the doctor's degree.

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You are welcome to 21th Annual International Scientific Conference 'Research for Rural Development 2015", held at the Latvia University of Agriculture, 13 to 15, May, 2015

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