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Master degree studies

Master degree studies is an important stage in career building of every young person, during time which students obtain knowledge and skills for scientific, managerial or consultative work in their future lives.

Most master degree thesis themes are made on practical grounds. Papers are connected with acquiring up-to-date technologies and the authors' professional occupation. They correspond with the interests of contemporary research and practice.

In 2008, 210 master degree students received the academic master degree, among them - 136 full time and 74 - part-time students. 52 master degree students graduated in the higher education master degree programmes and received a professional master degree. The total number of Master degree graduates at the Latvian University of Agriculture in 2008 was 262.

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Jānis Šleija
Published: 15.06.2010 16:01
Eddited: 20.07.2010 11:15